Delivery & Shipping Policy

Buyer is solely responsible for collecting purchased spirits in person or through an authorized agent and must contact UA following the close of the auction and notify of Buyer’s collection arrangements.

UA recommends Buyer collects all purchased spirits in person from UA. If Buyer must collect purchased spirits through an authorized agent, courier service, common carrier, or third-party delivery service, then Buyer is responsible and bears all risk of loss and consequences for an unlawful delivery.

Buyer is cautioned that many states impose restrictions on the transport of alcoholic beverages into their jurisdictions from other states. These restrictions may affect your purchase of spirits through UA. In some instances, special permits or licenses may be required for Buyer or shipper. In some instances, Buyer or shipper may be responsible for paying additional taxes or fees in connection with the shipment. UA will not assume any obligation or responsibility for applying for or obtaining any permits or licenses or for paying any taxes or fees. Purchases that cannot be shipped because of shipping restrictions must be collected by Buyer from UA’s cellar in Chicago, Illinois, and all applicable Illinois and Cook County sales tax must be paid prior to collection. UA urges all Buyers to investigate the laws in Buyer’s state regarding this subject before placing any bids on the UA Platform and must confirm the legal requirements for the applicable state before shipping any spirits purchased through the UA Platform.

UA does not itself ship spirits nor does it assume any responsibility for shipment by the Buyer. If Buyer elects to ship purchased spirits through a common carrier, UA will make a reasonable attempt to assist Buyer in arranging and coordinating with Buyer’s preferred common carrier for collection of the products to be shipped. Buyer is reminded that all sales are final, “as is,” and cannot be canceled or refunded for any reason, including shipping restrictions and all obligations relating to taxes or fees.

In all instances where Buyer is not personally collecting purchased products from UA, Buyer warrants that: (i) any and all agents authorized to collect and receive purchases on its behalf are at least twenty-one years of age and in appropriate condition to lawfully receive alcohol; (ii) if shipping or delivering alcohol, Buyer will provide a lawful and valid delivery address; and (iii) any and all individuals receiving the alcohol at the designated delivery address are at least twenty-one years of age and will be willing to present a valid form of identification and signature upon receipt. Buyer will be assessed a return fee should any spirits be returned to UA due Buyer’s failure to abide by all of the above and/or if the purchased product is refused at the point of delivery.