--- April 16, 2020 --





Contact: A.J. Heindel, Co-Founder

Phone: (847) 370-8594

Email: aj@unicornauctions.com


95% of lots sold in the February auction.

[CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, April 16, 2020] Unicorn Auctions, Chicago’s first year-round online rare spirits auction house, successfully held its first auction in February, selling over 95% of their available lots. Unicorn Auctions aims to bring liquidity into the secondary whisky market through their easy to use app and website, along with global shipping to buyers, sellers, and collectors.


Unicorn Auctions founders, AJ Heindel and Cody Modeer are restaurant industry vets and avid whisky collectors. Working on both the buying and selling side of bars and restaurants for many years, AJ and Cody saw an opportunity to create a marketplace for people who love to collect whisky but have a hard time finding what they're looking for. 


“Everyone knows about Pappy Van Winkle bourbon," AJ says, "but finding a bottle can prove to be nearly impossible, especially at a decent price. Being in the industry helps us overcome those challenges.” Cody says, “People don’t want to wait in long lines or drive for miles asking retailers if they have a particular bottle, just to be denied. And at the same time, those retailers can be sitting on rare bottles hoping that the right buyer walks in the door.” 


To maintain the highest standards and prevent trade of fraudulent bottles, Unicorn Auctions works with a network of trusted sellers and authenticates every bottle, in person, before listing. 


Unicorn Auctions will be hosting their second online-only spirits auction (via both app and web platform) starting at midnight on Friday, May 1, and ending at 8 PM on Sunday, May 3 (times in CST). In the future, they will be hosting auctions every month, year-round.

Unicorn Auctions is the premier spirit-focused auction house in the US, based in Chicago. With a unique customer focus, extensive industry background and an online/app-based platform, Unicorn Auctions is truly one of a kind in the world of spirits. 




If you would like any more information, please contact A.J. Heindel either by email at aj@unicornauctions.com or by call/text at (847) 370-8594.