Our Platform

The Unicorn Auctions bidding platform is all completely digital, online, and hosted in three forms - on our web bidding platform (for a regular or mobile browser), on our iOS app (available in the iTunes Store) and on our Andoid app (available in the Google Play store). 


All of the three platforms work together simultaneously to manage our auctions - so you could even make one bid on your phone, and then come back and make another bid form your computer, in the same auction. No problem at all, the platforms all work together.

Timed Auctions

Our auctions are all what they call 'timed auctions' - this means there is a specific start time of the auction, and a specific end time - and all items are open for bidding during the entire timeframe. So, no need to show up anywhere or anytime specifically - you can bid whenever you'd like from your computer or mobile device, and even if you have to step away our software can keep you in the loop with auction updates.

Free Registration to Bid

We don't charge anything for people to sign up and start searching through our auctions. You will need to open an account to make a bid, but feel free to take a look at what is available this month

Head to the Platform

The 'bid online' button will take you to our web auction platform, and the 'get the app' button will take you to a download link for both the iOS and Android apps:


At Unicorn Auctions, we go through a multi-step process to ensure the authenticity of every product available on our auction platform. Most importantly, we work with many industry verified sellers, who can guarantee the provenance of a product and confirm that it was sourced directly from the original producer.

Secondly, we inspect every consigned item we receive before listing it in our auctions, and only certify items for authenticity after detailed exams that yield no problematic characteristics. The packaging, capsules, seals, labels and contents of every item must be able to be verified for authenticity to be considered, and borderline items are typically not accepted - unfortunately, there is too much fraudulent product in the world to take chances on items that can not be 100% certified for authenticity.


Thankfully, in the last few years, it has become more commonplace for producers to tag items and create tracking mechanisms to ensure authenticity, but despite technological advancements, Unicorn Auctions will remain committed to the physical examination of every asset listed on our platform.